Monday, May 2, 2011

Piet Mondrian Gray Tree Critique


Today May 2 premieres new Korean drama channel KBS2 BABY-FACED BEAUTY, I look forward to seeing !
This is a classic romantic comedy about a women "greater" (that means thirties) who looks much younger (the baby-faced). owes fam ily and has only been able to graduate in school but does not stop until his dream , which is nothing more and nothing less than work in a textile design company , the problem comes when they discover their true age and des request.

will understand that reading design excited me, I am thrilled that this drama set in a fashion company and the protagonist dream of being a designer (I can not help thinking of Yoon Eun Hye in Goong ) will be a joy to see fabrics, mannequins, models, threads, designs, figurines, buttons, sewing machines ...

I put the trailers and some promotional photos and we see characters:

This is the first! What do you think?

And this is the last it came out, the rhythm of a song by ELO , I love ^ ^

The protagonist is JANG NA RA and the boy protagonist is CHOI DANIEL, who plays a typical conquistador rich to ignite the girl who is older than him.

Seo Min Kim (Sungkyunkwan Scandal view ) guess who plays the role of the "competitor", looks very fashion !

Ryu Jin (in Call of the Country) is the "other", very elegant, I think you'll always dressed ...

already give us a picture of the trio ... xP

I love outfi t of this image, very flattering!

The star wears a short hairstyle curious, with those pins ...

His style is an informal look , very street chic, much to the Korean!

The glamorous role seems to fall into the antagonist.

The promotional photos not displeased me, looking good. But stating that when I saw the pics of the day of presentation of drama to the press scared me a little:

separately Maybe not so bad, but it together ... Those colors , they as white ... and pants that ...

I hope some fansub be encouraged to translate it (if you know of any Please let me tell you). Aissa

I'm really stressing, another drama more for the sack ... pq far this month there are 3 dramas I want to see if or if (this, Lie to me and The Greatest Love ) ... 49 Days and also Midas I have not finished the ... vosotr @ s how you walk? You plan to see Baby-faced Beauty? What was your first impression? What you expect more? Thanks ^ ^



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